Obubu KY011: Hojicha (Basic Roast), Roasted Green Tea

Size: 80g / 2.8 oz

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Multiple levels of roasting, multiple base tea leaves, and each delicious to the last drop.

Feel free to re-steep cup after cup after cup...

Shop Obubu's 8 different hojicha

Roasted green tea, or Houjicha (or hojicha ほうじ茶 / 焙じ茶), has a smooth, slightly smoky flavor that is simultaneously light and sweet, hojicha has none of the bitterness of traditional green teas. And like decaf coffee, the roasting process removes much of the caffeine from the leaves making it the perfect after dinner / before bed drink.

Obubu offers many different types of hojicha using various roasting methods and base leaves.


To maximize the shipping tiers for DHL, purchase 1kg + 500g for the first weight tier, or 4 x 1kg for the second weight tier.

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