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Yunomi.life’s Women in Tea Sampler Gift Set introduces 5 different teas (10 grams each for you to sample) produced by Japanese farmers who are women.

The set includes two senchas, a hojicha, a wakocha (Japanese black tea), and oolong tea to provide a diversity of different teas for you to try.

In addition to the different types of teas, these teas are all different single, unblended cultivars. Please enjoy the various teas from a couple of the inspiring women working hard in the Japanese tea industry.

Included with this set are the following teas:

  • Kuma Tea Garden: Saemidori Imperial Mountain-Grown Sencha - an award-winning tea which is representative of Yame-cha (tea from Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture) with a rich umami and mellow taste. The saemidori cultivar is known for its brilliant green color, please enjoy with its pleasant sweetness.
  • Ayumi Farms (Cyittorattu): Sencha that Laughs with the Mountains - a classic yabukita cultivar sencha coming from the artisanal tea farmer Ayumi-san in Fujieda, Shizuoka Prefecture. Locally and organically produced, this mountain tea is characterized by its thin and delicate leaves, sweetness, and rounded aroma. 
  • Kiroku Tea Garden: Okumidori Roasted Spring Tencha Amehojicha, The Sweet Roast - a unique double roasted tencha by the three women of Kiroku in Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture. The roast is done on their single cultivar okumidori spring tencha leaves and creates a welcomed sweetness in the tea when steeped. 
  • Koukien Tea Garden: Wakocha Kanaya Midori Single Cultivar Black Tea - This Japanese black tea or wakocha comes from sisters Yurie and Akane who are focusing their effort into wakocha production. Made at the foot of the mountains in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, the kanaya midori cultivar produces a slightly more creamy flavor profile than other cultivars when made into black tea.
  • Azuma Tea Garden: Kyoto Oolong Tea, Single Cultivar Uji Midori - an oolong tea made with the uji midori cultivar in Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture. What is interesting is that without using pesticides, small insects called unka populate the field in the early summer and damage the leaves in a way that turns into a delicious flavor when the leaves are withered into oolong tea (magic!).
  • As a bonus we will also include another 2 types of tea from women producers. 


Yunomi’s founder Ian Chun launched the Women in Tea Collection back in October 2021 in efforts to spotlight and encourage the women who have taken on leading roles in their businesses. Perhaps you are already familiar with this collection page and/or have even sampled some of the teas (thank you!). We wanted to again shine the light on these passionate women, and to help connect you to some of these inspiring women (Yunomi’s “people-to-people” philosophy). While women in the Japanese tea industry face a wide-array of experiences and challenges, they share one common beautiful thread which is their love for Japanese tea. With this special Women in Tea Sampler set, we hope that our customers will be able to enjoy teas from women who are passionate about tea and working hard on a day-to-day basis in the Japanese tea industry. Please join us in cheering them on. 

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