YUNOMI's Ariheito, traditional Japanese crunchy candy, Black Sesame Seed flavor

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Yunomi Pantry

Buy the 3-flavor set here Buy the kinako (roasted soybean) flavor Buy the matcha & kinako flavor

Net Weight: 61 grams (17 pcs per bag)

Ingredients: Sugar, mizuame, black sesame seeds, wheat flour, sesame seed oil, rice bran oil


About Ariheito

Ariheito is a traditional Japanese candy made by boiling sugar and mizuame (a kind of liquid sugar formed by converting starch into sugar), and originated from the various foods imported into Japan by the Portuguese in the late 16th century. As the liquified sugar cools and hardens, it is stretched and kneaded, inserting air pockets, and formed or cut into its final shape. The special process used in these Yunomi Ariheito candies turns the hard candies into one that is crunchy.

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