Yunomi Lifestyle: Kyusu tea pot 550 ml

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High quality of Nanbu Tekki (南部鉄器)tea pot is made with high technique with experience. It could be used for over 100 years with cares. Nanbu Tekki (南部鉄器) literal mean is Southern iron ware.  Nanbu Tekki is originated in the beginning of 17th century in the area of present day Morioka city, Iwate Prefecture.


  • Name: Nanbutekki Kyusu Tea pot
  • Japanese Name: 南部鉄器 急須
  • Size: φ11.8 × W15.5 × H16.5 cm (4.64 x 6.1 x 6.49 in)
  • Volume: 550 ml (18.59 oz)
  • Weight: 1140 gram (2.51 lb)
  • Material: Body: Cast iron (inside: enamel processing), Mesh strainer: stainless 
  • Region: Iwate Prefecture
  • Notes: No direct heat. No dishwasher. No powdered cleanser. Color may not be exactly as photographed.

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