Little Tsumami: Isshin Niyou One Bud, Two Leaves - Tea Hat Pin

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The tea leaf Hat Pin is all hand-made by fucco sim. The design of this Hat Pin is 'Isshin Niyou', which means one bud, two leaves, and it is the youngest therefore highest quality tea leaf that can be harvested. You can enjoy this hat pin with your favorite hat!

Product Info

  • Name: Isshin Niyou One Bud, Two Leaves - Tea Hat Pin
  • Japanese Name: 一芯二葉 ハットピン
  • Size:Box: D 4.0 x H 15.5 x W 9.5 cm / Pin: H 10.0 cm
  • Weight: 63 gram
  • Artist: fucco sim (シム風子)
  • Vendor: Little Tsumami

Isshin Niyou Kanzashi is also available!


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