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Yamane-en: Powdered Mulberry Leaf Extract 15g

Yamane-en: Powdered Mulberry Leaf Extract 15g - 1
Yamane-en: Powdered Mulberry Leaf Extract 15g
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A powdered extract derived from mulberry leaves offered by Yamane-en. A nutrition analysis ordered by Yamane-en in 2002 showed that 100 grams of this Powdered Mulberry Leaf Extract contained the following:

































For 100 grams Vitamin C Calcium Magnesium Iron Potassium
Mulberry Leaf 35 2120 336 19.7 2240
Kale 81  220  44 0.8    2
Spinach 65   49  69 2   690
Mulberry leaf values comes from Yamane-en analysis ordered from the Japan Food Analysis Center in 2002. Kale and Spinach values come from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's STANDARD TABLES OF FOOD COMPOSITION IN JAPAN 2005 (available in Japanese here).


Health Benefits & Adverse Side Effects

There are not many studies in regards to its health benefits or side affects available on mulberry leaf as a tea or as an extract. It has been promoted in Japan for its antidiabetic benefits, but this has not been officially recognized. We will collect any information we can find and present them here.

Mulberry leaf is recommended for those concerned with diabetes, planning on going on a diet, or currently under a diet plan working to lose weight.
DNJ, a component found only in mulberry leaf, helps prevent the absorption of sugar/carbohydrate; therefore may be effective for those on diet.
Mulberry leaf contains high magnesium and is recommended for women with an anemia.
Mulberry leaf contains high calcium and is recommended for women concerned about osteoporosis (bone is built at a young age).
Mulberry leaf contains high potassium, an important component that helps excrete sodium from the body.
Magnesium is effective in enhancing skin moisture.

About the Supplier

Yamane-en is a small tea shop based near Sugamo Station on the Yamanote Loop Line in Tokyo. Run by tea master Michio Shiobara-san, the shop offers unique teas sourced from small villages throughout Japan as well as a number of tisanes popular in Japan for their health benefits.

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