Thes du Japon: Sencha from Dosenbo, Okumidori cultivar (100g)

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Thes du Japon

Region: Dôsenbô, Minami-Yamashiro city, Kyôto prefecture

In Kyôto Prefecture, Minami-Yamashiro is one of the famous Uji tea-producing areas, but in that locality, Dôsenbô, at 500 m (1650 ft) in altitude, has a characteristic that is unique among Uji tea-growing areas. It is virtually the only place where true senchas are produced with absolutely no shading.

Cultivar: Oku-midori

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  • Harvest Season:  May 2016
  • Steaming: futsumushi

Thes du Japon's Tasting Notes

While the leaves of this Oku-midori sencha exhale a very green fragrance owing to very light roasting, the infused liquor is more complex and deeper, combining sweet floral scents with notes of dry aromatic herbs.

Initially, this tea attacks strongly, playing mostly on sweetness, but then it allows a refreshing touch of astringency to come through. The whole experience has great impact and body, with mild creamy aromas.

Greener, slightly floral fragrances come back to the surface in later infusions.
The aftertaste is mellow and a little tannic at the same time, with impressive length in the mouth. Traditional steaming, very little roasting and, highly unusual for an Uji tea, no shading make this tea a fine refection of the land where it was grown. This is a real sencha, keen, invigorating, and changing gracefully from one infusion to the next.

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