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Yorozuya: Tokiwagi Sencha

Yorozuya: Tokiwagi Sencha - 1
Yorozuya: Tokiwagi Sencha
Yorozuya: Tokiwagi Sencha
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Note: Packages for most tea products will use Yunomi resealable bags or tins (with some exceptions where stated, click here to see info and photos).

Our best-selling green tea, Tokiwagi is a special blend created for our customers here in the Shonai Plain of Yamagata prefecture, Japan. This product is mainly drunk in the home and with meals. 

The local diet consists of very fresh food from the surrounding rivers, mountains and sea; a famous rice growing and sake brewing area our customers have a discerning palate. 

The summers extremely hot and winters extremely cold, the somewhat hardy people of this area like their tea a shade stronger than the blends drunk in Kyoto and finer than the blends enjoyed in the Tokyo area. 

Sencha leaves from Shizuoka have been selected and blended to create this enticing drink.


  • Ingredients: green tea
  • Net weight: 100 grams
  • Cultivar: Yabukita main blend
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Region: Shizuoka
  • Cultivation / Processing notes
  • Japanese name: 常磐木
  • Number of cups: 60 cups (20 uses / 3 steepings / 1 cup per steeping. Varies with steeping recipe.)


  • Tea: 5 grams
  • Time: 30-60 seconds (longer time for a stronger flavor)
  • Water amount: 240 ml or 1 cup
  • Water temperature: 70-80˚C/158-176˚F degrees

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