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Thes du Japon: “Green gold” sencha from Honyama, Ôkawa-Morokozawa, Kogane-midori cultivar

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Thes du Japon

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From a cutting taken from a single new sprout that developed by natural mutation and was not green but yellow, it has taken Mr. Satô and his son 20 years to grow a plantation able to produce enough tea to be able to sell it, even though the quantity remains infinitesimal. They have called this cultivar Kogane-midori: “green gold.”

This exceptional plantation is found at 500 m (1600 feet) in altitude, at Ôkawa-Morokozawa, upstream along the Warashina River. These incredible yellow-white leaves are magnificently rolled and give off a sweet, delicate, very fresh fragrance.

Thés du Japon's Tasting Notes

The green roasting is very light. However, the main characteristic of this sencha, beyond its colour, is its strong natural concentration of amino acids, which makes it a very mellow tea, rich in umami. In the mouth, a very round, sweet flavour develops at first.

Next we feel great freshness, greenness, almost like hand-rolled Japanese tea. It makes you think of a sunny field scattered with colourful little flowers. The scents are extremely pure; the sweetness brings no heaviness.

This is a sencha to be brewed for a relatively long time with quite cool water. You can even begin with three or four cold-water infusions: 3 g (generous 1 tsp) of leaves for 30 ml (1.5 tbsp) of water and 5 minutes of steeping.

After, you can continue with warmer water and shorter brewing times, which will allow you to enjoy a very large number of infusions. Mellowness, balance, freshness, high-quality rolling: this Kogane-midori, a fortuitous product of nature, is not a simple curiosity, but indeed a great tea.


More Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Net weight: 50 grams / 1.76 oz
  • Type of tea: Futsumushi sencha
  • Cultivar: Kogane-midori
  • Harvest: May 11, 2018
  • Region: Morokozawa, Ôkawa Area, Aoi Borough, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture

About Thés du Japon

“Thés du Japon” is a tea shop in Yanaka, Tokyo, operated by Florent Weugue, the first French Japanese Tea Instructor (Nihon-cha Instructor). He received his diploma in 2009, and is a well-known figure in the Japanese tea world. His knowledge of Japanese teas is unparalleled even in Japan, and we are proud to carry a few of the teas he carefully curates each year.

Visiting Tokyo? Stop by the Thés du Japon shop (Google Map)!

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