Takeo Tea Farm: Organic Bancha Green Tea, Seasonal Sampler

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Takeo Tea Farm

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Taste and compare the difference in seasonal harvests with the Takeo family's range of bancha green teas.


We don't usually think about bancha as a spring (first flush) tea, but allow spring leaves to grow large, and this is exactly what you get. Having basked in the sunlight for a much longer time than usual spring teas, this leaf has more catechin, creating strong astringency and making your body feel stronger.
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What we usually call second flush, or 'nibancha' (二番茶) in Japanese, is represented by summer harvested bancha. The strength of the tea leaves is weaker than spring, and makes for a balanced cold water steeped tea with a cool tanginess perfect for hot summer days.
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Autumn bancha is the most common type of bancha found on the market and is lower in caffeine than most green teas.
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