Surprise Me With 2018 Shincha Green Tea! (PRE-ORDER)

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Yunomi Tea

Instead of conducting pre-orders for specific teas this year, we will be making new teas available as the arrive in our office. Instead, we're offering a surprise tea: Receive a 100-gram bag of shincha based on the grade you pick.

The lowest grade may include premium tea derivatives from the new tea harvest (kukicha - leaf stems, mecha - leaf bits, konacha - leaf dust), but all other grades will feature sencha, kabusecha, gyokuro, etc.

Note: If your order includes this product, the entire order will ship when this product is available.

(Image: New tea leaf buds at the Murakami Tea Garden in Shizuoka, and Hachimanjyu Yakushima Tea from Yakushima Island)

Shipment timing

We expect to make our first shipment in late April and continue shipments thru May. This orders with this product will have first priority on incoming products. $40 and $50 level teas are likely available in mid-May.

Shincha grade options

  • $14 (value $14 - $19.99)
  • $20 (value $20 - $29.99)
  • $30 (value $30 - $39.99)
  • $40 (value $40 - $49.99)
  • $50 (value $50+)

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