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Subscription: Yunomi Black Tea Discoveries 50

Subscription: Yunomi Black Tea Discoveries 50
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Japan is a country of craftsmen, and when they adopt a craft, they pursue it to a level of perfection that is unmatched. We have seen it happen in many industries -- world-class cuisines from Europe, the production of beer and whisky, and now black tea.

The last decade has seen an incredible growth in farmers experimenting with black tea production, mainly in the style of Indian and Sri Lankan black teas. The climate and tea plants that thrive in Japan are different, and the result has often been sweeter teas rather than strong, full-bodied liquors. 

Explore Japan's new tea craft in this subscription with 50 grams (1.76 oz) of black tea arriving in your mailbox each month.


Your package is sent by standard airmail without tracking. Because there is no Express Airmail option, we guarantee arrival for all shipments. If you have not received your package within four weeks of the shipment notification, please contact us.

Timing: All shipments are sent at the end of each month and you should receive it by the end of the following month depending on your global location. Subscription orders made by the 20th of each month will receive that month's shipment. Orders placed after the 20th will receive the following month's shipment.


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