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How subscriptions work

How subscriptions work: Products are automatically delivered on your schedule. You may modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Important note: Most discount codes are not compatible with subscriptions.

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The only matcha subscription featuring dozens of different matcha products direct from Japan! 
Free shipping!

Register for an account to buy a 6 or 12 month subscription to receive matcha every month. You will receive a bag of matcha chosen by our staff based on the grade you choose. We have a growing catalog of matcha on Yunomi representing dozens of small-scale tea farms, factories, and expert boutique tea shops.

One-time purchases are also possible. Note that coupon codes are usually not compatible with subscription purchases. Occasionally, the value of the product sent will be less than the monthly value of the subscription, but on average, a subscription will be a greater value than the retail prices of the products sent.

Ceremonial Grade

  • Matcha meant to be drunk straight without any flavoring (thus used for the Japanese tea ceremony).
  • These tend to be the more common type of matcha used for thin matcha (the kind you see with froth) or usucha. These can also be used for making matcha lattes.
  • Occasionally, we will also send higher grade meant for thick matcha (like a syrup) or koicha.
  • Amount: 30-40 grams per shipment depending on the product, occasionally 20 grams.

Culinary Grade

  • Matcha not meant to be drunk but rather meant for use in baked goods, creating matcha chocolate, matcha ice cream, etc.
  • Many of our cafe clients use this level for making matcha lattes as well.
  • 100 grams
  • Generally Yunomi Matcha Culinary Grade (as not as many producers offer Culinary Grade matcha for retail).

Other Info

  • Free standard shipping (no tracking number).
  • 3 or more cases of non-delivery and returned shipments may result in cancelation of your subscription with no refund.
  • Matcha may not be one of those in the photos (we have dozens to choose from!).
  • Order multiple to buy more than 1 bag per much as you need!!

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