Shogyokuen Wholesale - Yunomi Exclusive Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha (Organic available)

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Shogyokuen Tea Factory

Flavor Profile

Based on our own tasting, this product has the following profile. However, tastings are not conducted side by side, and different water, ambient temperature, etc. may affect the outcome. Please use this profile as a simple guide.

  • Umami strength (5 = strongest): 4/5
  • Astringency (5 = least astringent): 3/5
  • Color (1 = yellow, 5 = brilliant green): 4/5 
  • Texture (1 = very grainy, 5 = very smooth):  3/5

About the Producer

Since 1827, Shogyokuen has been refining the highest quality leaves from Kyoto and grinding them into matcha for the aristocracy and samurai elite of Japan. Today, CEO Hiroshi Kobayashi is one of about 13 people in Japan (and only one in Kyoto) to hold the top rank 10 level for tea leaf appraisal. His ability to judge the qualities of tea leaves and then blend the leaves in the best way, particularly for making matcha, is proven by the many awards won over the years.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: green tea
  • Contents: 1kg x 10 bags
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Region: Kyoto
  • Organic Certification: This product can be certified as organic since it was made with tea leaves from certified organic tea fields. A minimum order of 10 kg is required for certification.

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