2019 Shincha 100 grams, Personalized for You

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Shincha - the new harvest. In many cases, the term is also used to mean an extra early harvest (though the industry uses terms like "hashiri - to run" or "hatsutsumi - first pick"). Sometimes it is also used to mean the tea just after harvest but before it has undergone extra green roasting for long-term preservation and extra toastiness/sweetness. In all cases though, it is the new harvest, just after it has been harvested.

In past years, I have offered specific teas for pre-ordering. However, Yunomi strives to bring as many great tea producers onto the global stage as we can, and the list of farms and factories has grown long, and their list of teas even longer.

The shincha for specific teas will be offered, but as they come in. Instead, for pre-ordering, I have chosen to ask you for your tea preferences, and will attempt to match the newly harvested teas to your preferences.


Note that what determines price is not only quality of the tea, but also the scale of the farm, the cultivation methods (including shading, organic methods, etc.), the rarity of the plant, etc. Of course, an Imperial level and a Standard level will be worlds apart... Choose wisely, my tea friends. v(-.-)

  • Standard - $10
  • Superior - $15
  • Premium - $22
  • Luxurious - $30
  • Imperial - $40


  • Size: 100 grams total (may be one 100-gram bag, or multiple smaller-sized bags)
  • No genmaicha, hojicha, or non-green teas (black teas, etc.) will be offered.
  • Derivative teas (konacha, kukicha) may be included as long as they are not roasted.
  • Actual package may differ from product photo


I can't guarantee that I can perfectly match a tea to your preferences simply because some teas may not be available at some levels -- a tea with rich umami at the standard level for example, or an astringent tea at the Imperial level. Please keep this in mind when choosing your quality level.


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