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Thes du Japon

Thes du Japon: Sencha from Sayama, Yume-Wakaba cultivar

Sencha from Sayama, Yume-Wakaba cultivar
Thes du Japon: Sencha from Sayama, Yume-Wakaba cultivar
Thes du Japon: Sencha from Sayama, Yume-Wakaba cultivar
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Type of tea : Futsumushi (short-steamed) sencha
Origin : Mizuno, Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture
Cultivar : Yume-Wakaba
Harvest : April 29, 2016 (handpicked) 

This Sencha from Sayama, a famous tea-producing area in the northern outskirts of Tokyo, is an exceptional tea in many respects. First, short steaming produces very beautiful whole leaves, something unusual in Sayama, where Fukamushi steaming is most often used.

Moreover, the Yume-Wakaba cultivar is still very rare, even in Sayama, its native land. Finally, in addition to being a very high-quality tea, its fragrances are exceptionally sweet and floral.

In fact, the processing has included a wilting stage, to which the Yume-Wakaba cultivar lends itself marvelously well. In this case, it is particularly successful. The liquor remains clear, luminous and above all releases a sweet fragrance, floral but also creamy, dense and captivating. In the mouth, it is also dense, but smooth, very mellow, with no astringency, and just the right amount of umami set off by a vegetal touch. The delicious floral, creamy aromas come out next in the aftertaste, while the sweetness and freshness of this sencha remain in the mouth for a long time.

From the plucking to the drying, from the choice of cultivar to the wilting process, here is a sencha in which everything seems perfectly mastered. This delight was a wonderful surprise and it is a tea that absolutely has to be tried!

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