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Thes du Japon

Thes du Japon: Sencha from Miyakonojô, Miyazaki, Oku-midori cultivar

Thes du Japon: Sencha from Miyazaki, Oku-midori cultivar (100g) - 1
Thes du Japon: Sencha from Miyakonojô, Miyazaki, Oku-midori cultivar
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Type of tea: Futsumushi sencha (normal steamed sencha)
Origin: Miyakonojô Town, Miyazaki Prefecture
Cultivar: Oku-midori
Harvest: First spring harvest, May 2016 (ichiban cha) 

The fourth-largest tea-producing area in Japan, Miyazaki Prefecture can be proud of its high-quality products and the great diversity of its teas and cultivars.

This is a normal-steamed sencha (Futsumushi sencha) produced by Mr. Ôishi, from the Oku-midori cultivar. Its leaves are splendid: lovely, thin, smooth needles that are shiny and perfectly uniform. Their sweet green fragrance makes the mouth water.
When it is infused, this very beautiful sencha produces a liquor that is extraordinarily clear, with vanilla notes and something of roasted hazelnuts.

The flavour is very mellow and sweet, but subtle. There is absolutely no astringency, no extraneous flavours to confuse the palate. This tea runs down the throat in a most pleasant way, leaving deep flavours behind. It is very long in the mouth.
Yet another treasure from Miyazaki!

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