Thes du Japon: Sencha from Fuji, Kôshun cultivar

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Thes du Japon

  • Type of tea: Futsumushi Sencha (normal steamed sencha) 
  • Cultivar: Kôshun (香駿)
  • Harvest: First spring harvest 2016 (ichiban-cha)
  • Region: Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Here is a sencha from Fuji, Shizuoka, made from the Kôshun cultivar. The pretty, finely rolled leaves have a sweet, lightly floral fragrance, with subtle notes of almond.

The Kôshun cultivar is known for its archtypical floral fragrance, but this sencha remains balanced and refined. The sweet, flowery aromas of this variety are quite present, especially in the aftertaste, but they express themselves in a very delicate manner. The flavours of raw vegetables can also be detected.

Similarly, the liquor itself is airy in the mouth, with just the right touch of sweetness to colour a very slightly astringent texture. Thus, this Japanese green tea is both refreshing and stimulating.

An excellent tea, very pleasant, with mellow, harmonious flavours, which makes it easy for everybody to enjoy the characteristic aromas of the Kôshun cultivar, but without being overpowered. 


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