Seiko Tea: Nozomi 3-star Fukamushicha from Makinohara, Shizuoka

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The Makinohara region in Shizuoka is one of the biggest producers of tea in Japan, and one of the regions that made the deep green tea of fukamushicha popular.

The Makinohara farmers' cooperative has created a panel to rate the quality of tea from this region based on flavor, aroma and appearance, and have rated this tea the highest 3-star Nozomi level (nozomi 望 means "hope").

In addition to the above qualitative appraisal, the tea must also meet a standard of total nitrogen content (which includes compounds such as free amino acids, caffeine, protein, etc). Analysis is conducted via near infrared spectroscopy.

  • 3-star rating has a total nitrogen content of 5.7% or greater. 
  • 2-star rating, 5.2% or greater
  • 1-star rating, 4.7% or greater


  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Japanese name: 牧之原の深蒸し茶「望」
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Harvest Season: spring
  • Cultivation & Processing Notes: Deep steamed (fukamushi) which results in a leaf that is powdery and a tea that is deep green in color
  • Region: Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture


  • 1st Steeping - Tea: 5 grams. Time: 45 seconds. Water: 70˚C/158˚F, 200 ml.
  • 2nd Steeping - Time: 10 seconds. Water: 80˚C/176˚F, 1 cup.
  • 3rd Steeping - Time: 45 seconds. Water: 90˚C/194˚F, 1 cup.
  • The amounts above are guidelines. Adjust to preference.
  • Consider also advanced steeping techniques such as cold or ice steeping (see Steeping Techniques).


  • Name: Seiko Tea Company
  • Type: Tea Refinement Factory
  • CEO: Tatsuya Hoshi
  • Employees: 20
  • Address: 4-64 Anzai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka, 420-0011

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