Fujiki Denshiro: Sakura bark tea canister with scoop

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Yunomi Lifestyle

Made in Japan
Size: Canister is 7.5 cm diameter, 12 cm height; Tea scoop is 7 x 3 cm.

  • Canister: steel (tin plate), sakura bark, wood
  • Scoop: sakura bark, wood

KABAZAIKU – “CHERRY BARK CRAFTWORK”: A TWO-HUNDRED YEAR OLD TRADITION Kabazaiku was initiated by samurai warriors as a supplementary work task approximately 220 years ago during the Temmei Era. This craftsmanship was adopted by the townspeople of Kakunodate (Akita Prefecture), and continues to be perfected in an environment rich in culture. Natural cherry bark breathes. It handles moisture well. Its tough surface makes Kabazaiku craft-ware suitable for everyday use. An intricate relationship exists between cherry bark, wisdom, and the devotion of skilled craftsmen that brings about a special harmony found in unique and beautiful kabazaiku products.

HOW TO CARE FOR THIS ITEM Please observe the following instructions for the long-term enjoyment of your product. Avoid prolonged storage in damp places; do not wipe with a wet cloth. To prevent dehydration, avoid both excessive dryness and direct sunlight. To achieve maximum luster, occasional wiping in the direction of the grain is recommended. Use a soft cloth or tissue. Do not use in microwave, oven, or wash in dishwasher.

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