OSK: Shiitake Tea (80g) with arare rice crisps (10g)

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Shiitake Mushroom Tea

Shiitake Tea is considered a healthy drink by many. It is believed to have a relaxing effect and it is also ideal for drinking after a heavy and oily meal.

This Shiitake Tea is rich in flavor and aroma. Shiitake Tea can be enjoyed as a drink to unwind after a long day’s work.

Shiitake Tea can also be used for cooking to make broth. Simply throw in sliced chicken and vegetables and it is soup perfect for a healthy meal! Or, mix it with your rice to create delicious, mushroom-flavored rice.

Product info

  • Ingredients:
    • SHIITAKE TEA: Salt, sugar, Shiitake mushrooms extract, soy sauce (incl. soybeans, wheat, etc.), Shiitake mushrooms, flavorings (amino acids, etc.), additives, caramel
    • ARARE RICE CRISPS: Corn starch, rice
  • Net weight: 90 grams (3.17 oz.)
  • Supplier: OSK Franchise Group, Odani Kokufun, 1 Chome-14-8 Takasu, Kōchi-shi, Kōchi Prefecture


  • Shiitake Tea: Dissolve a 2.5g spoon of Shiitake Tea powder for every 1/2 cup or 100cc of hot water. Add arare as desired.
  • Broth: Dissolve Shiitake Tea Powder as desired in hot water and it is ready for use.

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