NaturaliTea #17: Kuradashi Sencha, Fukamidori

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It is said that the founder of the Tokugawa clan of shoguns, Tokugawa Ieyasu, was very fond of taking shincha harvested in May, placing it in a container and aging it. This aged tea is now called kuradashi (literally “removing from the warehouse”), and generally refers to tea that has been aged for at least one year. In Japanese, this tea is called Fuka-midori or “Deep Green”.

As time passes, tea leaves are usually thought to degrade…the amino acids and antioxidants that give the leaves their flavor breakdown. However, refrigerated properly at a stable temperature allows us to prevent this degradation. After a year, the leaves are then processed and turned into what we are calling (in English) Shogun Midori.

By aging this tea, the unique grassiness of shincha slowly disappears leaving a sencha green tea that has a strong astringent taste. This tea is recommended for those who like strong green teas.

Shogun – the title of head of the samurai-led government of Japan during the feudal period.
Midori – the Japanese word for green

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green tea.
  • Harvest: Mid-May harvest
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Cultivation notes: Grown without use of pesticides. Fertilized with organic compost.
  • Producer: NaturaliTea by the Kinezuka Family
  • Location1416-3 Takizawa Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka 426-0134 Japan

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Sencha Green Tea, Fukamidori
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