Nakamura Shokuhin: Konbucha from Rausu, Hokkaido 50g

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Thick, dark, kelp green in color, this is kombucha from one of the most famous konbu (kelp) seaweed production regions in Japan, the town of Rausu in northern Hokkaido.

A kombucha for kombu lovers, the thick pulverized kombu settles quickly, so be sure to have a stirrer at hand as you drink this mixture. Made with pulverized kombu and Hokkaido sea salt, there are no additives in this product, which also makes it perfect for use as the base for konmu broth.

  • Ingredients: Powdered kombu (kelp seaweed) from Rausu in Hokkaido, sea salt from Souya in Hokkaido
  • Manufacturer: Nakamura Shokuhin Sangyo Ltd., 4-1-9 8jonishi, Hachiken, Nishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 


  • To make kombucha tea, use the plastic spoon included in the can and add one spoonful (about 2 grams) to 100 cc (3.4 oz) of hot water.
  • Wait 30 - 60 seconds and stir well before drinking. 

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