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Nakamura-en #05: Shizuoka Shincha - 2019 First Flush Sencha

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Young 2019 tea leaves from Shizuoka, carefully selected by Tokyo-based veteran tea merchant Nakamura-san.

Tasting notes

As expected of Nakamura-san, this shincha is a delicious balance of umami and grassiness. The first thing you notice is the rich umami aroma when you open the bag. On steeping, you find an opaque, green-yellow liquor with strong umami flavor for a sencha, and toasty after notes due to the green roasting conducted in refinement.

  • Flavor: Strong umami with hints of toastiness, low astringency, low bitterness
  • Aroma: rich
  • Leaf color: deep green
  • Leaf shape: Small leaf bits with some long needles, good shine on leaves indicating 
  • Liquor: greenish-yellow, slightly opaque

Steeping notes

Tea: 5 garms. Time: 30 seconds. Water: 70C/160F, 200 ml. Resteep 2-3 times using hotter water (80-90C/175-195F). (The second steep can be immediate, no need to wait since the leaves are primed. The third steep might require 30-45 seconds depending on how strong you like your tea.)

For a stronger flavor, use more tea, longer time or less water; for more astringency, use hotter water.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Steaming: regular steaming
  • Region: Shizuoka

The story of discovery

Nakamura-En location

We actually went out of our way to find this tea after Sencha Tea Ceremony master Yukiko Hasue introduced us to this tea. Finding the 97-year old Nakamura-en Tea Shop on the eastern side of Tokyo near the Sumo Wrestling Arena (Ryogoku station), we convinced Nakamura-san to let us carry this tea and share it with the world.

Nakamura-san does speak a bit of conversational English, so if you are ever in Tokyo do visit his shop!! He has no website though, so simply follow this simple map (GOOGLE MAP).

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