Thes du Japon: Matcha from Uji-Shirakawa, Asahi cultivar

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Thes du Japon

Product Info

  • Type of tea: Matcha
  • Origin: Shirakawa area, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • Cultivar: Asahi
  • Harvest: May 2015, handpicked


Located in Uji, Shirakawa is a small zone famous for producing gyokuro, but the highly noted winner of many awards, Tsuji Kiyoharu, has also given this area a name for matcha.

This talented producer uses only organic fertilizers, and limits use of pesticides to a minimum, which does not prevent him from producing high-quality matchas, handpicked from unpruned tea trees.

This luxurious shaded tea cultivar, Asahi, which used to be employed for tencha (the raw material for matcha) won first place in the national competition again this year. It is thus a matcha of the finest quality. The plantation was shaded according to the traditional technique known as “honzu.” This involves covering the plants with several layers of straw, which requires very special know-how and is extremely rare today.

Tasting Notes from Thes du Japon

This exceptional matcha delivers powerful, sweet, creamy, very slightly chocolaty fragrances.

In this mouth, this tea is incredibly velvety and delicate. Very mellow, with aromas of egg custard and vanilla; it has body, but remains completely subtle, very unctuous.

A matcha with no bitterness, very rich, so sweet and velvety that it just slips down.

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