Marushige Shimizu Tea Farm: 2017 Kabusecha Shaded Green Tea, Fukumidori Cultivar (SOLD OUT)

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Marushige Shimizu Tea Farm

Fukumidori cultivar kabusecha grown and processed by the Shimizu family of Suizawa Village in Mie Prefecture.

Product Info

  • Name: Kabusecha Shaded Green Tea, Fukumidori 
  • Cultivar: Fukumidori
  • Cultivation & Processing Notes
    • Shaded for about 2 weeks
    • Steaming: Regular Steaming
  • Harvest: May 21, 2017
  • Region: Suizawa Village, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture


Consider also cold steeping or ice steeping (see Steeping Techniques).

1st steeping

Tea: 5 grams. Time: 2 minutes. Water: 50˚C/122˚F, 100 ml.

The low temperature allows you to enjoy the umami flavors first.

2nd steeping

Tea: same. Time: 10-20 seconds. Water: 90˚C/194˚F, 200 ml.

The higher temperature brings out the more astringent flavors.

3rd steeping

Increase time to 30-60 seconds or to desired strength.

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