Maruei Takeo 15012: Bankoyaki Tea Pot 360ml

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  • NAME: Maruei Takeo 15012 Bankoyaki Tea Pot 360ml
  • STYLE: Bankoyaki
  • VOLUME: About 360ml (12.17 fl oz)
  • TOP DIAMETER: 10.3cm (4.05in)
  • HEIGHT: 8.8cm (3.36in)
  • WEIGHT: 288.5gram (10.17oz)
  • MESH TYPE: Steel, fluoride-coated mesh, flush against side. 
  • LEAD TIME: If out of stock, allow about one week for procurement. 
  • OTHER NOTES: Includes rubber spout protector that also prevents excessive dripping

*Measurements above are approximate

About Maruei Takeo Shoten's tea pot mesh

This tea pot features Maruei Takeo Shoten's unique, patented stainless steel mesh that sits flush against the side of the pot, and is coated with fluoride to prevent tea leaf particles build up between the holes in the mesh.

Because the mesh also lies flat against the side of the pot, it is preferred by Japanese tea connoisseurs. When pouring out your tea, the leaves get caught on the lower half of the mesh, leaving the top area open for the tea to flow out. With other types of teapots, the mesh either reduces the amount of space in the pot, or the tea leaves block the tea from being poured out.


Wash with regular dishwashing liquid, but avoid touching the rim of the inside mesh as your sponge may get caught. Dry upside down for 30 min, then place right side up as water may collect in the area of the spout. Do not use dishwasher or dryer.

The mesh can be removed, but the sides are sharp and extreme caution should be used or you may cut yourself. Use a pointed object to pop the mesh out of place, and rubber gloves to avoid cuts.

Vendor Info 

Vendor Description

Maruei Takeo Shoten is our first partner in the tea ware industry, and our contact point to some 40 bankoyaki pottery artisans in the Yokkaichi region, a traditional production region one hour from the city of Nagoya. The Takeo Family has been operating this wholesale tea ware business since the 1940s, with father Sakae-san starting the business after returning from Soviet prison camps after World War II. He began humbly, building relationships with potters and artisans, and helping them to sell their ware first in the area around Yokkaichi, then traveling nationwide to build a network of customers.

We work closely with son and successor to the Maruei Takeo Shoten business, Susumu Takeo (the only person in the entire company who uses email, though he prefers to use phone and fax). We love his passion for tea ware of all types, and hope to one day list his entire 1500+ item catalog.

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