Kurihara Tea: Hachijyuhachiya Shincha - May 2nd Harvested Sencha

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Kurihara Tea Farm

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Hachijyuhachiya shincha (literally "88th night new tea") is a tea made from leaves harvested on the 88th day from the start of spring in the old lunar calendar. Picked on May 2nd this year, drinking this tea is said to bring you good fortune and health throughout the year ahead.

Flavor Guide

Great for salads! Used leaves should be steeped 3-4 times before using eating. Top with soy sauce and bonito flakes, or your own salad dressing.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Harvest: May 2
  • Region: Yabemura village, Yame, Fukuoka
  • Notes: Regular steaming (40-50 seconds) used but leaves are young and delicate so the results is close to a deep steaming (fukamushi)

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