Kurihara Tea #23: Camp Style Tea - Powdered Sencha Hime Shizuku (0.8g x 20 single serving sticks)

Size: 16g (0.8g x 20 sticks) / 0.56 oz
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For the outdoor lovers out there, this camp style tea may just be for you! How do you bring your Japanese tea with you when you go on outdoor trips? While of course, there is the option to bring small packets of tea leaves with you, this powdered sencha tea from Kurihara Tea is an alternative and easy option! 

Nationally recognized, award winning gyokuro tea farmer Akio Kurihara is also a fan of camping and trekking, so he created single serving powdered gyokuro and sencha (!) in order to easily enjoy Japanese tea while being in nature.  In fact, Kurihara-san hopes that his customers will be able to refresh themselves with this tea amidst magnificent scenery during outdoor activities such as backpacking and rock climbing. He notes that because Japanese green tea consists of theanine, it has relaxation effects which may help one to destress and sleep well amidst nature. On the other hand, please note that even though we suggest enjoying tea indoors with an actual teapot (kyusu) and tea leaves, this powdered tea may also be perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a quick cup of Yame tea at work.

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  • Use 1 packet in 180 ml of hot or cold water and stir.

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