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Koizumi: Tokoname Kyusu Tea Pot, 3-406

Koizumi: Tokoname Kyusu Tea Pot, 3-406 - 1
Koizumi: Tokoname Kyusu Tea Pot, 3-406
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  • SELLER: Koizumi Co., Ltd.
  • TYPE: Tokoname-yaki
  • ARTISAN NAME: Gyokko 玉光
  • STRAINER: Ceramic mesh
  • VOLUME: 300 ml

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  • The actual color of the products may vary, particularly for handmade items, and due to your device's screen.
  • With many ceramic products, you should expect some staining and discoloration with use. In particular, items with unglazed portions or made with deliberately cracked glaze will show discoloration with use. This "aging" has a specific term in Japanese, kannyu 貫入 (literally "penetration"), and is considered a characteristic of your product -- each item will differ as each owner uses the product differently.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, please do not use this item with dishwasher or microwave.
  • Please take care not to burn yourself. Remember that this product may be very hot depending on your use.