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This tea was found upon a trip to Wakayama Prefecutre, famous for the Kumano shrines and Nachi waterfall. This particular area is designated as the UNESCO's World Heritage Site for its historical and cultural importance.


Not as famous as the Ise-cha from the neighboring Mie Prefecture, Kawazoe-cha is a rare, quality tea produced in Wakayama, Japan.

As one of the three brands of Wakayama-grown tea, Kawazoe-cha is grown in Shirahama-cho, located in the southern tip of the Kii peninsula. The tea fields are found in Ichikano, a small village in the upper stream of the Hikigawa river. Using the fresh water from Hikigawa river, Kawazoe-cha is grown in and has the suitable tea growing environment: short hours of sunlight and great difference in the day and night temperature.

First harvest tea is handpicked and hand rolled, which results in the light water color when steeped but a deep strong taste of tea and sweet aroma can be enjoyed. Kawazoe-cha is a fine tea that was presented to Tokugawa Yorinobu, the first lord of the Kishuu Domain (present Wakayama prefecture), and is also used for chagayu, rice porridge made using cha or tea.


Rare, high quality Kawazoe-cha from Wakayama Prefecture. It is said that most the tea produced in Wakayama is shipped out to other prefectures, which makes the tea rare and hard to find, even for the people in Wakayama.


Kawazoe-cha First Harvest 2013: Swallow
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