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Thes du Japon: Kabusecha from Uji, Wazuka, Ujimidori cultivar

Kabusecha from Uji, Wazuka, Ujimidori cultivar
Thes du Japon: Kabusecha from Uji, Wazuka, Ujimidori cultivar
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Type of tea : Kabusecha
Origin :Bessho, Wazuka municipality, Sôraku district, Kyôto prefecture
Cultivar : UjiMidori
Harvest : April , 2016

Ujimidori is, as the Uji tea appellation indicates, a cultivar originating in Kyôto. It is generally used for shaded teas, such as gyokuro and kabuse-cha. This tea from Wazuka by Mr. Kita was shaded for 16 days.

It is thus a Kabusecha, with leaves that have a nice, deep, sweet fragrance that is also a little floral. After infusion, the liquor reveals all the aromas of this tea, in particular, very appetizing creamy and floral flavours. The whole combination is brought out by vegetal scents in the background.

With this Kabusecha, we find sweetness, umami and no astringency. It is a tea with a lot of presence in the mouth, a powerful aftertaste and a lot of length.

A Kkabusecha with aromatic features unusual for this type of tea.

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