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JIBITA: Hagiyaki Matcha Bowl, Ido Hotaru B, 450 ml

JIBITA: Hagiyaki Matcha Bowl, Ido Hotaru B, 450 ml - 1
JIBITA: Hagiyaki Matcha Bowl, Ido Hotaru B, 450 ml
JIBITA: Hagiyaki Matcha Bowl, Ido Hotaru B, 450 ml
JIBITA: Hagiyaki Matcha Bowl, Ido Hotaru B, 450 ml
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This tea ware expresses 'Hotaru' very well. The white dots on ware called 'Hotaru' means firefly.


Hagi-yaki (萩焼) is one of the most identical pottery artwork in Yamaguchi prefecture. It originated in the end of 16th century under General Toyotomi Hideyoshi era with the introduction of pottery brought back from Korea. After this era pottery artwork has spread to all over the place in Japan and developed as different types of pottery, such as Arita yaki. Hagi-yaki has developed around the beginning of 1600 in Hagi area, Yamaguchi prefecture.

Clay for Hagi-yaki is mixture of different types of clay (mainly beige color of Daidotsuchi, and red or black color of Mishimatsuchi which contains lots of Iron).

Hagi-yaki is ranked very high position in the world of tea ware tools and very expensive so that Hagi-yaki tea wares have been attracting many Chajin(茶人)= tea masters in Japan. 

A significant character of Hagi-yaki ware is 'Hagi no nanabake' (seven transformations) which means more you use the hagi-yaki ware, it changes its color. The beauty of change in color over time has been attracting people.

Yamane Seigan

Born in Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, on 6 January in 1952. The name of Seigan (清玩) means Sei(清)=Pure, gan(玩)=comes from the word of 'toy' (玩具). He named himself Seigan because he wants to remember the pure and innocent creations of child and relief yourself from a frame of being adult.

His tea wares are very popular not only in Japan but also outside from Japan. Seigan learned Hagi-yaki by himself without any master. His pottery art has a lot of varieties with more than 1,000 shapes and over 10 different kind of glaze.


  • Name: Ido Hotaru 450ml B
  • Japanese Name: 井戸茶碗 ホタル (いどちゃわん ほたる)
  • Artist: Yamane Seigan (山根清玩)
  • Volume: About 450 ml (15.83 fl oz)
  • Top Diameter: 14.2 cm (5.59 in)
  • Height: 7.8 cm (3.07 in)
  • Weight: 297.5 gram (10.49 oz)
  • Note: Color may not be exactly as photographed. Dot not use in dishwasher or microwave.

 *Measurements above are approximate


  • Name: Kumagai Nobuchika
  • Studio Name: JIBITA
  • Location: 25-27 Furuhagimachi, Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, 758-0026 Japan


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