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JA Kochi

JA Kochi: Tosa Aburicha, Leaf

JA Kochi: Tosa Aburicha, Leaf
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Roasted high quality of green tea grown in Kochi prefecture.

Product Info

  • Name: Tosa Aburicha, Leaf
  • Japanese name: 土佐のあぶり茶
  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Net weight: 100 grams
  • Region: Kochi Prefecture

Vendor Info

  • Name: JA Zenno Kochi
  • Type: Agriculture Cooperation
  • Location: 5015-1 Godaiyama Kochi-chi, Kochi Prefecture

Steeping Info

  • Tea: 5g. Time: 1 min. Water: 80C/176F, 1cup.


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