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Hojicha literally means "roasted tea" — generally understood to mean some form of green tea that has been roasted. As always, we believe that the best way to learn more about a kind of tea is to taste widely, so in this sampler set, we are providing 10 different 20-gram samples of hojicha from our extensive Hojicha Collection (minimum total of 200 grams). 

The flavor of hojicha can change subtly based on

  • the roasting method — generally gas-powdered fire that heats a spinning metal barrel. But some machines use firewood to provide the heat, some use charcoal, and some involve sand or ceramic balls which heat up. The amount of infrared radiation provided by the heated material can affect how much of the leaf is roasted. Only the outside, or deep into the center of the leaf or leaf stem;
  • the roasting time & heat level (which is rarely given since it will change based on the temperature and humidity of the day);
  • and the biggest factor that changes the flavor is arguably the base leaf — whether large or small leaf stems are used, whether the leaf comes from a spring, summer, or autumn harvest, the size of the leaf (young leaves or large mature bancha leaves).

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