Hiragana: Necklace "Ocha"

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Saori Kunihiro 國廣 沙織

Saori Kunihiro is a Japanese calligraphist and designer. She was born in the prefecture of Hiroshima and started calligraphy for the first time when she was 6. With an artist's passion for the beautiful letters of the Japanese language, Hiragana, Saori created her jewelry brand.

The elegant flow of the calligrapher's brush brings to life the curves of the hiragana letters, and take form in the jewelry of Saori's Hiragana brand. Yunomi asked Saori to create hirgana earrings and necklace pendants for "Yunomi" (our own brand name which has a double meaning as "tea cup" and the activity of "drinking tea"), and "ocha" (the Japanese word for "tea").

Product Info

  • Name: Necklace "Ocha"
  • Japanese Name: おちゃ ネックレス
  • Size: Chain: 44 cm /  Word size: 3 cm
  • Material: 10k gold
  • Artist: Saori Kunihiro 

     *Measurements above are approximate

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