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Glico: Uji Matcha Pocky Chocolate Sticks (Limited Edition) x 2 boxes

Glico: Uji Matcha Pocky Chocolate Sticks (Limited Edition) x 2 boxes
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This limited edition of Glico's Uji Matcha Pocky Chocolate sticks feature a thick, deep flavoring of Uji matcha. A perfect snack for tea time!

  • Nutritional info (per 32.5g packet, 2 packets per box)
    • Energy: 163 kcal
    • Protein: 2.5g
    • Fat: 7.1g
    • Carbohydrates: 22.3g
    • Sodium: 0.094g
  • Contents: 2 packets of sticks per box, 2 boxes
  • Net Weight: 130g (65 grams x 2 boxes)
  • Ingredients (Our unofficial translation. Please refer to official Japanese list below.): Flour, sugar, lactose, cocoa butter, powdered whole milk, vegetable oil, shortening, matcha, condensed whey, whey powder, table salt, yeast/emulsifier, flavoring, flavoring (mineral salt), baking powder, sweetener (sucralose), (dairy products, wheat, and soybeans are used in the ingredients).
  • Ingredients in Japanese: 小麦粉、砂糖、乳糖、ココアバター、全粉乳、植物油脂、ショートニング、抹茶、濃縮ホエイ、ホエイパウダー、食塩、イースト/乳化剤、香料、調味料(無機塩)、膨張剤、甘味料(スクラロース)、(一部に乳成分・小麦・大豆を含む)
  • Allergen info: Dairy, wheat, soybeans included. The production line also produced products that use eggs and peanuts.
  • Storage info: Store in cool, dry area away from sunlight. Eat soon after opening.

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