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Fujinokuni Tea

Fujinokuni Tea Farm: Tsuyuhikari Fukamushi Green Tea

Fujinokuni Tea Farm: Tsuyuhikari Fukamushi Green Tea
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Ensuring safety and delicious taste

Seeking for both safety and a good taste is difficult because fertilizers and pesticides are a must in growing good tasting tea. However, the tsuyuhikari leaves used in this fukamushi tea is cultivated in a field where the use of fertilizer and pesticides is reduced as low as possible. Taking over 15 years, the soil in which the tea is grown has been purified by mixing natural clay mineral, reducing the nitrate nitrogen and leaving the umami savoriness of the green tea.

The Tsuyuhikari, a premium tea cultivar

Tsuyuhikari is a tea plant cultivar originating in Shizuoka prefecture. It is a new cultivar derived from the cultivar 'asatsuyu', known as 'natural gyokuro', as its paternal cultivar. Unlike the cultivar 'yabukita' which takes up 90% of the Shizuoka green tea, 'tsuyuhikari' has a very delicate taste.

Product Info

  • NameTsuyuhikari Fukamushi Green Tea
  • Japanese name: つゆひかり深蒸し茶
  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Cultivar: Tsuyuhikari
  • HarvestApril 2016

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