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In these most difficult of times, a cup of tea from a friend is just a cup of tea....and yet so much more than a cup of tea...

As part of the Yunomi Community, please join us in donating a hundred bags of Japanese tea to Yunomi customers who have been hit hard in some way during the current coronavirus pandemic (either financially or otherwise). We will donate the tea, and your contributions will go toward helping us pay for the high shipping fees.

Unfortunately, we are not a charitable organization so your donation will not be tax deductible in any way, but we thank you for your contribution!

As of Jan 26, 2021:

  • Donations received: 114049 yen (about $1100)
  • Total donated (including shipping): About 136689 yen

20 bags of single serving matcha were donated to the nurses of Ventura County Medical Center.

39 bags of tea bags were donated to the Kokua Kalihi Valley Community Center serving a low-income community in Honolulu, Hawaii, that has been hit hard by coronavirus infections

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