Enokiya's Dried Sea Lettuce "Kaoru Aosa" from Ise

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Yunomi Pantry

Aosa is a kind of seaweed which is often added to miso soup in Japan. Many sushi restaurants in Japan also offer Aosa miso soup as part of their regular menu because the salty and soft chewy tastes go well with Japanese rice.

Not only good for a miso soup, Aosa is also testy topping for several types of Japanese meals (noodles, salad, risotto etc).


  • Name: Kaoru Aosa
  • Ingredients: Hito-egusa
  • Net weight: 18 grams
  • Region: Ise, Mie Prefecture
  • Manufacturer: Enokiya Ltd.
  • Location: 1-8-5 Kasuya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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