Cochin Ware Matcha bowl (Cloisonne) by Nanzan Ito

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Nanzan Ito


12.2 cm (4.8 in)
7.9 cm (3.11 in)
Measurements above are approximate
Porcelain, Kyoto Opal
All of Nanzan Ito's ceramic ware are made to order. Please allow at least three weeks for production.
Nanzan Ito, Heiantoukaen Co., Ltd. (Aritst & Studio President: Nanzan Ito)
37 Sennyujitourin-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto


Cochin ware is a kind of pottery produced in southern China. The term “Cochin” derives from the Colony of Cochinchina (southern Vietnam), where the pottery spread through trade.

What is Kyoto Opal?

"Kyoto Opal" created in the world's famous city, Kyoto!

“Kyoto Opal" is the name given in Japan to the synthetic color opal material that was developed by Kyocera. Carefully cultivated with Kyocera's gem synthesis technology over a long period, Kyoto Opal has a quartz-grain structure that is identical to naturally occurring opal. Due to special staining techniques, Kyocera has been able to realize a variety of rich and subtle hues and tints. Furthermore, by surmounting the inherently brittle characteristics of naturally occurring opal, which tends to split and crack, it is possible to cut Kyoto Opal into diverse shapes. The result of the design and creation of the Kyoto Opal material is a unique aesthetic quality that cannot be duplicated with molded resin-based products. (This description comes from Kyocera Corporation website.)

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