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Cha Ginza: 2017 Tea Letter, Kagoshima Shincha Green Tea 70g

Cha Ginza: 2016 Tea Letter, Kagoshima Shincha Green Tea 70g
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Note: Packages for most tea products will use Yunomi resealable bags or tins (with some exceptions where stated, click here to see info and photos).

One of Cha Ginza's most popular products, the package design doubles as an envelope (Japanese style).

The tea inside features 70-grams of early first flush sencha leaves from Kagoshima, and during the April-May shincha season, is a featured tea of the company's three shops in the Ginza and Tsukiji area in Tokyo.

The text on the back reads:

Kaori to tomo ni go-aisatsu moushi-agemasu
Literal translation: "Sending you a greeting together with aroma."
Musekaeru bakari no haru no kaori wo tanoshimi kudasai.
Literal translation: "Please enjoy the fresh-made aroma of spring."

Product Info

  • NameTea Letter featuring Kagoshima Shincha
  • Japanese name: 新茶の手紙
  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Region: Kagoshima

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