Cha Ginza: 2018 Tea Letter, Kagoshima Shincha Green Tea 70g

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Uogashi Meicha

One of Cha Ginza's most popular products, the package design doubles as an envelope (Japanese style).

The tea inside features 70-grams of early first flush sencha leaves from Kagoshima, and during the April shincha season, is a featured tea of the company's three shops in the Ginza and Tsukiji area in Tokyo.

(Note: If you plan to send this through postal mail in your country, please confirm with your country's postal service first.)

The text on the back reads:

Kaori to tomo ni go-aisatsu moushi-agemasu
Literal translation: "Sending you a greeting together with aroma."
Musekaeru bakari no haru no kaori wo tanoshimi kudasai.
Literal translation: "Please enjoy the fresh-made aroma of spring."

Product Info

  • NameTea Letter featuring Kagoshima Shincha
  • Japanese name: 新茶の手紙
  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Net weight: 70 grams
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Region: Kagoshima

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