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Azuma Tea Garden

Azuma Tea Garden: Tencha Gokou, Green Tea

Azuma Tea Garden: Tencha Gokou, Green Tea
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Tencha is the ingredient used to make matcha. It consists of leaves that have been shaded usually about 4 weeks prior to harvest, and that have been steamed and dried without rolling into the needle shape you see with other types of green tea from Japan. The rolling process breaks down cell membranes in the leaf releasing different flavor compounds, and tencha skips this process offering, in leaf form, a light, sweet tea.

Before grinding into matcha, the unrefined (aracha) tencha leaves are sifted to remove dust and leaf stems, then are chopped to create more even flakes. It is this state that provided in this product.

We recommend you trying it with its matcha counterpart!

Product Info

  • Cultivation & Processing notes
    • Shaded about 4 weeks before harvest
    • Harvest Season: Spring
    • Steamed and dried without rolling
    • Refined to remove stems & dust
  • Vendor type: Family-owned tea farm

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