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The Yunomi Community

Share Your Life of Tea

An experiment in creating a community around Japanese tea, the Yunomi Community brings the social interaction of Facebook to our marketplace. Connect with other customers to get advice on what to buy, connect with tea cultivators and merchants from Japan, and share your life of tea.

Post a Product Review, Earn Yunomi Rewards

Post a well-written review! You may earn up to 2500 leaves per month good toward redeeming coupons in our Rewards Program (100 leaves = $1.00). A well-written review will reveal how you steeped the tea, and your impressions on the flavor.

Each qualifying review earns between 200 - 1000 leaves, and are granted based on the discretion of Yunomi staff. Negative reviews are as welcome as positive reviews if they help other customers make a decision. You will not be notified if your review has earned leaves, but we will announce when we have awarded leaves, and you may check your balance by clicking on the Rewards tab at the bottom right. Note that you must be enrolled in the Rewards program at the time that we award leaves for reviews. They may not be earned retroactively.

  • 2017/03/24: 12,000 leaves issued to recent reviewers.
  • 2017/06/01: 16,000 leaves issued to recent reviewers.

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