Fujii Lacquerware: Kintsugi Japanese Ceramic Repair Set Using Gold

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On request from our customers, this beginner's set is meant for those who are attempting the kintsugi ceramic repair method for the first time. Sourced from lacquerware merchant Fujii Lacquerware in Tokyo, the set gives enough material (except the turpentine which cannot be shipped) to make a single repair.

Disclaimer: We have translated the Japanese instructions to the best of our ability, but have no expertise to judge how effective this set is in repairing ceramicware using the kintsugi method.

Because the kintsugi method is difficult, for the time being, please contact us if you would like to procure this set.

View translated instructions here

The below are a few videos on the kintsugi technique for reference.

Set Contents

  • 20g of Lacquer for kintsugi
  • White spatula
  • Sand paper
  • Cotton Cloth
  • Rubber gloves
  • White Brush
  • Black Brush (fine)
  • Small dish
  • Gold dust, 1 bag
  • Grindstone dust, 1 bag
  • Instructions (translated into English)
  • Turpentine, 1 can (Due to international shipping regulations, this is not included unless you are located in Japan. Please buy at your local home goods store). This is flammable and should be kept away from heat or sunlight.

Contents in Japanese

  • 金継ぎ用 1本
  • 本金泥粉 1袋
  • 真綿 1袋
  • 黒軸筆 1本
  • 砥の粉 1袋
  • 毛棒 1本
  • 耐水研磨紙 1枚
  • プラヘラ 1枚
  • 小皿 1皿
  • 手袋 1双
  • 解説書 1枚
  • ガムテレピン油 1缶


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