Isobe Ceramics mi132 (Tsuzuki Yutaka): Earth Sakura, Tokoname Shiboridashi Kyusu Brown 70 ml

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JPY ¥11,500

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Shiboridashi tea pots of this type, without a rim on which to rest the lid, are very difficult to make as the size and evenness of the pot and lid shapes need to match exactly. 
  • Volume: 70 ml
  • Strainer: none
  • Artist: Tsuzuki Yutaka 都築 豊
  • Kiln: Daikoji Kiln 大興寺窯
  • Care: do not microwave, do not use in dishwasher, do use diluted soap and hand wash with a soft sponge, dry carefully with a soft cloth. 
  • IMPERFECTIONS - nothing is perfect, especially when handmade. In the Japanese wabi-Sabou aesthetic, imperfections are a form of beauty. In our People-to-People philosophy, it is a representation of the fact a human has made this product. Small spots and other “variations” should be expected. However, there are more than 10 minor spots, stains, or other unintuitive variations or variations larger than 1 cm in size we will consider the product defective and eligible for return.

Artist Profile

  • 1972 Born as the second son of ceramic artist Tsuzuki Aomine
  • 1995 Studied at the Tokoname City Ceramic Research Center
  • 1996 Apprenticed with artist Morisato Toraku in Kyoto
  • 2002 Began work as a ceramic artist under father's tutelage 
  • 2003 Established the Daikoji Kiln
  • 2009 Started ceramic art lessons
  • 2011 Established The Japanese Ceramic Art Therapist Association


  • 長三賞
  • 奨励賞
  • 審査員特別賞
  • 常滑焼振興展 市長賞
  • 東海伝統工芸 入選
  • 知多市民展 市長賞、教育委員会賞
  • 常滑市民展 朝日新聞社賞

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