Tsukigase Kenkō Chaen: Tsukigase June Hojicha Bancha, Naturally Grown

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Net Weight: 20g / 0.70 oz / 2018
JPY ¥400

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Tea expert Tyas Sosen says...

Tyas Huybrechts

Bancha employs that more fully-grown tea-leaf which is too mature, and has therefore become too bitter, for use in producing high-quality sencha, and is harvested later; such leaf is first processed with the same method as sencha – steaming, rolling and drying – but is then stored until it is required, whereupon it is roasted immediately before packaging and shipping.

In order to produce a refreshing toasty aroma without off-flavors, this tea was profoundly roasted at a high temperature. Each individual batch of 20kg is roasted for approximately one hour, reaching a maximum temperature of 160 to 180 degrees Celsius.

From its aroma the drinker may experience a refreshing toasty perfume with a nutty scent suggestive of a rainy cedar forest. While its flavor is predominantly sweet, spiciness suggestive of anise gently tickles the throat after drinking. This bancha may justly be recommended as not only a satisfying daytime thirst-quencher, but also a soothing nightcap.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: green tea
  • Cultivar: Blended by tea farmer Fumiaki Iwata
  • Harvest: June
  • Region: Tsukigase, Nara, Japan (single estate)

Steeping Info

Measurements per person.

  • Tea: 4 grams
  • Water temperature: about 90˚C/195˚F degrees
  • Water amount: about 200 ml
  • Time: 60 sec

Producer Info

  • Farm Name: Tsukigase Kenkō Chaen
  • Farmer: Fumiaki Iwata
  • Type: Tea farm
  • Region: Tsukigase, Nara, Japan (single estate)
  • Curated for Yunomi by: Tea expert Tyas Sosen (Tea Ceremony Kyoto). Based in Kyoto, Tyas is the first Belgian to become a certified Japanese Tea Instructor, and a licensed instructor in the Enshu School of Chado (The Way of Tea, aka "tea ceremony"). 

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