How does the price of matcha affect its chemical composition (theanine, EGCG, catechin, caffeine)?

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These are just a few studies, but they give you an idea of the range of levels of chemicals (theanine, EGCG, catechin, caffeine) including across a price range of tencha (tea leaves used for matcha) as well as matcha / green tea powder samples.

"Chemical Components of Matcha and Powdered Green Tea" by Hideki Horie, Kaori Ema, Osamu Sumikawa. Journal of Cookery Science of Japan Vol. 50 No. 5(2017)

 "Composition and functionality of “matcha” of different qualities" by Eri Nakamura, Isao Tomita, Toshiki Matsuura. Japanese Journal of Food Chemistry and Safety (JJFCS). Vol. 25(1), 7 -14(2018)

The below table comes from a Japanese language study:


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