Yamane-en: Gettocha, Shell Ginger Leaves (Herbal, loose or tea bags)

Size: Loose leaf - 50g / 1.76 oz

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Product Info

  • Name: Gettoucha - Shell Ginger
  • Japanese Name: 月桃茶
  • Ingredients: Shell ginger leaves
  • Region: Okinawa

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Steeping Info

Put 1 tablespoon full of black soybean tea into a mug cup and pour hot water into the mug. Enjoy the tea after 3-5 minutes. The used soybean can be eaten as it is, with honey, with salad, etc. (Please eat used soybean in the same day or next day (if kept in a fridge).
Put 2 teaspoon full of black soybean tea in a teapot, pour 300 cc (10.2 fl oz) of hot water into the pot. Wait for 3 minutes and the tea is ready!

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