Tsuzuki Yutaka: Flower Petals, Tokoname Raised Shiboridashi Kyusu Tea Pot (60 ml) & Cup (30 ml) Brown, 高台絞り出し急須 花びら

Option: Raised Shiboridashi Kyusu (60 ml)

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Shiboridashi tea pots of this type, without a rim on which to rest the lid, are very difficult to make as the size and evenness of the pot and lid shapes need to match exactly. Ceramics artisan Tsuzuki Yutaka created this with a raised platform and gilded flower petals. Matching cup also available. 
  • Volume: tea pot 60 ml, cup 30 ml (measured to about 80% full)
  • Diameter: tea pot 9 cm, cup 5 cm
  • Height: tea pot 7.3 cm, cup 4.2 cm
  • Strainer: none
  • Artist: Tsuzuki Yutaka 都築 豊
  • Kiln: Daikoji Kiln 大興寺窯
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Technique: Yakijime, an extra hot firing to leave the piece unglazed
  • Care: do not microwave, do not use in dishwasher, do use diluted soap and hand wash with a soft sponge, dry carefully with a soft cloth. 
  • IMPERFECTIONS - nothing is perfect, especially when handmade. In the Japanese wabi-Sabou aesthetic, imperfections are a form of beauty. In our People-to-People philosophy, it is a representation of the fact a human has made this product. Small spots and other “variations” should be expected.

Artist Profile

  • 1972 Born as the second son of ceramic artist Tsuzuki Aomine
  • 1995 Studied at the Tokoname City Ceramic Research Center
  • 1996 Apprenticed with artist Morisato Toraku in Kyoto
  • 2002 Began work as a ceramic artist under father's tutelage 
  • 2003 Established the Daikoji Kiln
  • 2009 Started ceramic art lessons
  • 2011 Established The Japanese Ceramic Art Therapist Association


  • 長三賞
  • 奨励賞
  • 審査員特別賞
  • 常滑焼振興展 市長賞
  • 東海伝統工芸 入選
  • 知多市民展 市長賞、教育委員会賞
  • 常滑市民展 朝日新聞社賞

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